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Magicassette is a link-based web browser interactive fiction created by Tyler Zahnke. Production on this IF started in September of 2012. In many IF games, the user has to type commands to play; in Magicassette, you click choice links. Therefore, this game is a form of hypertext interactive fiction. Rather than a single story file, this IF is a batch of linked pages. As far as the programming language (or interpreter) is concerned, the game itself is MediaWiki, the very same software that runs IFWiki and Wikipedia. Because it is an online game, it is never really a complete IF work; the creator may change parts of it. Red option links lead to undeveloped parts of the game.


You are in a pawn shop, and you find an old cassette player that hasn't been touched since the 1960s. But is this machine just any ordinary tape player, or is it something really special?



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