MetaFilter Interactive Fiction Contest 2009

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The First Annual MetaFilter Interactive Fiction Contest is a new IF competition organized by Deathalicious for MetaFilter users. Note that the contest is not affiliated with MetaFilter in any official fashion. Webspace has been provided by Brandon Blatcher.


  1. Contest begins March 1st and ends March 31st, 2009. Like other "month" competitions you are supposed to begin your project at the beginning of March.
  2. Must be submitted by a MeFite. You can use your name as the author, but it will be submitted under the MeFi username
  3. Similarly, voters must be MeFites. One vote per account slash sockpuppet
  4. Inform-based games are strongly encouraged. If you want to use another format, you'll have to serve it off your webpage (because the contest site will have a built-in z-code player)
  5. As soon as submissions arrive and through the first week or so of April people registered on the site can vote on submissions (anyone can play them). Winners will be determined either based on votes or some other equally arbitrary system.


  1. Rockrider (David Mear as "Lucidium"; 31-Mar-2009; Z-code). 1st place. (Average 3.73 from 11 votes.)
  2. Eric's Bender (uncleozzy; 30-Mar-2009; Z-code). 2nd place. (Average 3.45 from 11 votes.)
  3. Jeffrey the Homicidal Mimic (Deathalicious; 26-Mar-2009; Z-code). 3rd place. (Average 3.60 from 5 votes.)
  4. Down and Out at the Big Creepy House on the Poison Lake (Shii; 28-Mar-2009; Z-code). Awarded "Most Lovecraftian". (Average 3.25 from 8 votes.)
  5. The Questionable Substitute (Izner Myletze; 31-Mar-2009; Glulx). Winner of the "You had to be difficult" award. (Average 2.67 from 3 votes.)
  6. Down with the Underpig (R Monty as 'run"monty'; 31-Mar-2009; Z-code). Awarded "Best Writing". (Average 2.44 from 9 votes.)
  7. Let Us Burn Down Science (Mike Martens as "pokermonk"; 31-Mar-2009; Z-code). Awarded "Best Use of Science". (Average 2.25 from 4 votes.)
  8. Bunt (Diocletian and Maximian; 31-Mar-2009; Z-code). Awarded "Deadliest game". (Average 2.22 from 9 votes.)