Micro Adventurer

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Micro Adventurer was a British magazine aimed at adventure and strategy gamers. It was first published in the UK in November 1983 by Sunshine Books and ran for a total of seventeen issues until March 1985.

It was edited by Graham Cunningham (issues 1-9) and Brendor Gor (issues 10-17), assisted by Carmel Anderson, Martin Croft and Graham Taylor. Regular contributors included Tony Bridge, Mike Grace, Ken Matthews and Richard Bartle.

During its run the magazine covered text adventures, wargames, RPGs, MUDs, Play-By-Mail, game books, simulations and strategy titles.

Each issue featured the latest industry news, details of software releases, in-depth game reviews, adventure tips, book reviews, program type-ins, adventure writing tutorials, and competitions. The archived copies of the magazines are also a treasure trove of adventure-related advertising from the time.