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Mike Gerrard is a British journalist and writer, who was a text adventure author and columnist in the 1980s and 1990s.

In the IF space, he is probably best known as the adventure columnist for publications such as Your Sinclair, Zero, and Dragon User. He also wrote articles and reviews for many other computing magazines including Commodore Computing International, Atari ST User, ST Format and MSX Computing.

Mike's IF-related books include The Adventurer's Notebook, Adventures on the Spectrum, and The Adventurer's Companion (with Peter Gerrard).

Mike Gerrard's games include The Odyssey and One of Our Wombats is Missing.

Mike went on to become an award-winning travel writer, with a whole host of publications to his name. He has written for National Geographic, American Express, The Times of London, The Washington Post, and many more. He he also a drinks writer and pens fiction such as the crime thriller Strip till Dead. The book Snakes Alive collects together a selection of his travel writing.

He is the brother of Peter Gerrard, with whom he still collaborates on books such as Around the Tube in 80 Pubs: A Guide to Some of the Best Pubs in London.

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