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MobyGames is an online database of video games from many different platforms, with all content submitted by users and verified by approvers. Each entry contains a description of the story and gameplay, release info, and usually additional data such as screenshots, author credits or trivia. The database includes information on numerous interactive fiction games, both commercial and freeware releases.

Up until July 2015, the website only accepted standalone games, but not platform-independent works that require an interpreter, such as Z-machine or TADS works. Nevertheless, certain such works were submitted into the database by stretching the rules. On July 2015, the "platforms" Glulx, Z-machine, TADS and Hugo were added, allowing to finally add such games in a "proper" way. As of 2017, however, many older entries for IF works still need to be assigned to their proper platform.

The site also contains several articles written by contributors, though currently they are not available for browsing and can only be viewed by going to the URL directly. One notable article pertaining to interactive fiction is Something about Interactive Fiction by Terrence Bosky (April 2006).