Movies Related To IF

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There are lots of movies with an affinity to IF ...

Being John Malkovich

Cast Away, Swiss Family Robinson

  • Stuck on a desert island, limited resources.


Freaky Friday

  • A woman and her daughter change bodies for a day.

The Game

  • A business man's brother pursuades him to participate in "the game", where the goal is to figure out what the goal actually is.
  • RAIF thread on The Game

Groundhog Day

The Matrix, Dark City, The Thirteenth Floor

  • Reality is not what it seems


  • A TV show, but the classic example of a hero who uses found objects to improvise solutions to puzzles


  • A man has lost his short term memory, and must rely on clues he has left himself to figure out who killed his wife.
  • RAIF thread on Memento

Miracle Mile

  • A man is trapped in a very small environment (one city block) during the night before a potential nuclear armageddon, with a small cast of locals who pop in and out of the narrative as he explores.
  • Not exactly IF related but has a similar feel: constrained use of space and resources

The Truman Show

  • Truman Burbank discovers that his world is completely artificial and that he is at the centre of it.

Twelve Monkeys

  • Something went very wrong in the past, and a man is sent back in time to retrieve data and prevent the catastrophe.