My Compy Valentine

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My Compy Valentine is a Minicomp organized by SPAG. Authors create IF valentines to show their appreciation to IF tool developers who make the authors' creations possible.



  • Choose your Valentine: anyone in the community who helped create your favorite IF language, interpreter, development interface, extension, script, macro, CSS theme or any other component you've used in your IF work (including works in progress)
  • Use IF tools to create a Valentine's Day greeting for your Valentine
  • Use your development system/language of choice
  • Use your dubious poetic skills to praise the fruits of your Valentine's programming labor
  • Somehow incorporate your Valentine's work into the greeting itself, if possible
  • Send your completed Valentine's Day greeting or a link to by February 15 (the day itself is not one for scrambling for deadlines)


  • Objectify your Valentine
  • Reveal long-hidden romantic passion for your Valentine
  • Miss the Feb. 15 deadline to submit your Valentine's Day greeting!


  • Submission deadline: February 15, 2015.
  • Entries released: February 20, 2015.