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Jam (series of events)
Frequency Annual
Part of series [[]]
Website [http:// ]
Organiser Adrien Saurat
Events in this series
Nouvim 3000 numéro 1, Nouvim 3000 numéro 2, Nouvim 3000 numéro 3, Nouvim 3000 numéro 4, Nouvim 3000 numéro 5
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This interactive fiction game jam was started by Adrien Saurat in 2019, inspired by the Twiny Jam, created by Porpentine in 2015, and the Partim500, started in 2016. Unlike the Twiny Jam, the Nouvim3000 accepts all IF programs. It also increased the word limit to 3000.

Originally happening in July, since 2021, the entrants have the whole month of June to create and submit a game.

Each year, the game jam is centred around a theme, with the word starting with in-.

Past Editions

  • 2019: 7 entries. Theme: Infamie
  • 2020: 5 entries. Theme: Introspection
  • 2021: 6 entries. Theme: Interlope
  • 2022: 7 entries. Theme: Insénescence
  • 2023: 3 entries. Theme: Intersigne