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For the Professional Adventure Writing System, a 1980s authoring system also known as PAWS, see PAW.

The Python Adventure Writing System (or P.A.W.S. or even PAWS) is a set of libraries, written by Roger Plowman, to allow one to reasonably easily write interactive fiction using the Python programming language. There are three versions of P.A.W.S.; P.A.W.S. 1.5, last updated in 2007, the almost completely backwards compatible P.A.W.S. 2.03 and the newest version, 2.1 updated in 2016.

The user Moonbase59 has taken over P.A.W.S. development and created a very nice update, version 2.1 which now supports Unicode and fixed several bugs. He also has earlier versions of P.A.W.S., back to version 1.4 if anyone wants an older version. 2.1 is backwardly compatible with versions 1.5 and 2.03 but runs under Python 2.7 and needs the wxPython library.

Version 2.1 will run under Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux versions that support Python 2.7 and wxPython.

There is a Python v3 & WxPython 4 version awaiting to be merged with MoonBase59's Repository @ https://github.com/bschollnick/PAWS.

The download (both the development and runtime library) is a freeware download.

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