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p2pmud is an IF development system, designed by TEAM CTHULHU and written in AJAX (Javascript). p2pmud is intended for novices who want to create their own graphic adventures and slowly learn to create more advanced games as they learn Javascript. p2pmud uses a self-modifying HTML page to store your adventure, so after you've built it, you can just email it to your friends!

p2pmud is extremely easy to learn, because you can build most of your adventure graphically. You can drag and drop any image into your game and it will be automatically imported for you. Unlike other IF authoring systems, there is not a separate tool to build your adventure, and you never have to compile anything to test it. You can actually modify your adventure while you're playing it, so you can test anything instantly! The entire look and feel of your game can be completely customised using CSS. Of course, you can just as easily make plain text adventures too!

Don't let the ease of creating your first few adventures fool you. There is plenty of advanced things going on behind the scenes you can tap into. It includes a natural language parser, which you can customize and teach new words. It automatically handles shortcuts, abbreviations, resolving ambigious words, etc. Each NPC can have its own brain object controlling it, causing it to dynamically act according to events happening in the game world. They continue to run even while waiting for the player to type their next command. It features the TriStat dX game system for combat, attacking, dodging, etc. The most common puzzles can be easily built without having to write any code at all. As your Javascript skills advance you can start to build more advanced interactions and even your own commands.

p2pmud is 100% open source, using the artistic license. There is no cost to create or distribute any games made using p2pmud.

Downloading p2pmud

Installing p2pmud is a simple as copying the HTML file to your local drive and opening it up. The latest version can be found at the home page:


  • Spore - the first Alpha release (single player version) was released on 8/20/2005