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IF Summit at PAX Prime 2010

Main planning discussion thread

IF Suite

Seattle IF Group has reserved a room at the Sheraton for the nights of September 3rd and 4th (check-in around 3 PM on Friday, checkout around noon on Sunday, room number TBA).

People who can watch the room:

IF Events



Making stories worth playing Friday, 3:30-4:30 PM, Wolfman Theater

For years, interactive fiction authors have grappled with the often conflicting demands of story, gameplay, interactivity and immersion. Good stories are not always good games, and while simulation and emergent story can ease pressure on designers, they come with their own problems. Interactive fiction authors and graphical game designers unite to discuss their solutions. Panelists included: Squinky (as Deirdra Kiai), Annie Carlson, Andrew Plotkin, and Robb Sherwin.

At the IF Freeplay room


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