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Paranoia is the name of two different games:

  • Paranoia (Sam Shirley; 1977). This game was originally published in the Jan/Feb 1977 issue of "SpaceGamer/FantasyGamer" magazine. It was later ported to AGT by David Malmberg, to Cybiko C by Athlor, and to C by Tim Lister. Lister's port was the basis of a Z-code port by Glenn Hutchings, which in turn, was translated to French by Sabine Gorecki.
  • Paranoia (cpuguy; 2009; Z-code).

Or, you might also be looking for one of these games:

  • Timeout (Stephen Hilderbrand; 2001; Z-code 5). This game set in the Paranoia RPG universe took 35th place at IF Comp 2001.
  • Paranoiak (Jean-Louis Le Breton and Fabrice Gille; publisher: Froggy Software; 1984; Apple II; French). Commercial (out of print).

Note: This is a disambiguation page.