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This is a collection of Past raif topics to do with the RAIF (and broader IF) community.

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New players

Promoting IF

See also => Commercial IF

IF Competitions

See also => Upcoming Competitions .. Annual IF Competition .. IF Competitions and Events

Judging IF

Reviews / feedback

See also => Baf's Guide to the IF Archive .. IF Ratings page .. Emily Short's reviews .. Paul O'Brian's reviews .. J.R. Wheeler's reviews
See also => Non competition reviews at Non-Comp Review Project .. IF Review .. IF Review Conspiracy
See also => Reviews at Brass Lantern .. SPAG Game Reviews
See also => IF Gems (quotes from IF Comp reviews; also at the IF Archive)
See also => Reviews (IFWiki article)


See also => IF Collaborator's list

International IF / non English languages

See also => Inform translations
See also => Rakontointeraktiva newsgroup (discussion about localization strategies for IF)
See also => Language .. Non-English_Games_at_IF_Comp (IFWiki articles)

Miscellaneous community topics