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This is part one (of two) of a collection of Past raif topics to do with the "development" side of IF creation.

The rest may be found at Past raif topics: Development: part 2.

If you add or change any of the sections on this page, remember to update the entry on the Past raif topics page as well.

Intro to IF creation

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Authoring systems in general

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Inform, TADS & Hugo authoring systems

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Inform 7 / Natural Language Programming

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Learning Inform / TADS / etc

See also => "House" Inform Tutorial .. Roger Firth's Inform FAQ .. Inform programming tips
See also => TADS Tutorial .. TADS tip sheet (1996)

Other authoring systems

See also => Easy IF Languages (Alan and Adrift) (Brass Lantern)
See also => Adrift home .. Alan info

Writing IF in a general programming language

See also => Adventure in Prolog (online book)
See also => Homebrew Parsers in the IF Gems review quotes collection (also in the IF Archive)

Creating an IF language

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See also => IF Authoring System Developer's Guide

Potential for IF language for non programmers

World definition formats / using XML for IF

Past raif topics: Development: part 2