Pat Winstanley

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Pat Winstanley is a British writer and text adventure author.

Pat was the co-founder of Adventure Probe and the original editor of Adventure Contact fanzine, the companion publication aimed at adventure writers.

Pat produced the ZX Spectrum conversion of Rod Pike's Frankenstein for CRL.

She was one of the main playtesters for the STAC system, which she used for her Atari ST shareware game Toil and Trouble. She also ran the official STAC User Group; writing the group's bi-monthly newsletter.

Pat Winstanley contributed widely to computing magazines during the 1980s and 1990s, penning articles and reviews for such publications as Amstrad Computer User, PC Review, Atari ST Review, Confidential Magazine, Amiga Computing, and Amiga Shopper.

She helmed the adventure column in ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) magazine.

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