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Peter Gerrard (Pete Gerrard) is a British journalist and writer, who was a text adventure author and columnist in the 1980s and 1990s.

He wrote the influential Exploring Adventures on the... series which was published in individual editions for machines such as the Dragon 32, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Oric and BBC Micro. The programs from these books (such as Castelmaze Adventure, Tunnel Adventure and Underground Adventure) were often ported to other platforms and the adventure systems defined were used by other authors for their own work.

Peter's The Adventurer's Companion was published by Duckworth in 1984. He also wrote many other non-adventure related computing books, especially for the C64. His computing work was translated into other languages.

Peter also worked as an editor and writer for various mainstream computing publications such as Commodore Computing International, Popular Computing Weekly, Commodore Horizons, and 64 Tape Computing (for which he contributed several text adventures). He wrote adventure columns for several magazines including Dragon User and Sinclair User.

Peter's IF works include The Odyssey (with Mike Gerrard), the Duckworth version of Colossal Cave Adventure, and Level 9's Scapeghost.

He is the brother of fellow "text adventurer" Mike Gerrard, with whom he still collaborates on books such as Around the Tube in 80 Pubs: A Guide to Some of the Best Pubs in London.

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