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Active IF Podcasts

Probably active. More or less.

  • Eaten By a Grue - Infocom, text adventures, and interactive fiction. Kay Savetz and Carrington Vanston.
  • Gold Microphone - Reviewing all the Infocom text adventures. Drew Cook and Callie Smith.
  • The Interactive Fiction Club Podcast - Playing a game each month, alternating between classic and modern games. For those avoiding Spotify, it's also available on most podcast syndication sites, e.g. rephonic. Jonathan Meyer and Nick ?

Possibly-related Podcasts

Inactive IF Podcasts

  • Clash of the Type-In - Playing text adventures out loud, with their authors, with frequent digressions and occasional recriminations. Jenni Polodna and Ryan Veeder.
  • Inklecast - Inkle Studios.
  • Radio K - Adam Cadre discusses IF with various people who are generally familiar with the medium.
  • Titans of Text - Interviewing MUD creators and interactive fiction people. Eric Oestrich and Danny Nissenfeld.
  • Verb Your Enthusiasm - Covered IFComp 2019 and 2020. Ian Michael Waddell and ELizabeth Smyth.
  • TEXTLASTIG - Podcast playing largely German IF?

Individual IF Episodes