Premio Avventura dell'Anno 2003

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The winner was Filaments (translator: Marco Totolo; 2003; Z-code; Italian), a translation from Filaments (JB; 2003; Z-code; French).


Note: all these games are in Italian.

  1. Filaments. Winner. 16 points.
  2. War Mage (Giancarlo Niccolai; Z-code). 15 points.
  3. Freedom (Ennio Cosenza and Livio Ghirotto; M.A.C.). 9 points.
  4. Reliquie (Paolo Lucchesi; Z-code). 4 points.
  5. Notte in corsia (Giuseppe Aresi; M.A.C.). Tie with La porta e la memoria (Luca Bertaiola; Z-code). 3 points.
  6. Orion. (Roberto Grassi; M.A.C.). 2 points.
  7. Caccia al tesoro (Ennio Cosenza; M.A.C.). Tie with The Last Hour (Roberto Grassi; ADRIFT). 1 point.
  8. All these games had 0 points:

Total votes: 23. Valid votes: 17.

Adventure with the best story

Adventure with the best puzzles

Adventure with the best NPCs