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Rock, Paper, Shotgun, often abbreviated as RPS, is a British website dedicated to PC gaming, which was created in 2007.

As part of its coverage, which includes indie and free games on PC, the website features a consistent stream of coverage for interactive fiction works, with quite a few games discussed. The website features for instance reviews of Aisle, 9:05, Creatures Such as We, The Uncle Who Works At Nintendo, Heroes Rise: The Prodigy, Slammed!, Snowblind Aces, CYPHER, Depression Quest, Guilded Youth, Endless, Nameless, Violet, and many others. It has also provided coverage of various IFComp editions, as well as the first ShuffleComp, and Hadean Lands's successful Kickstarter.

Emily Short currently has a bimonthly column on RPS named IF Only, since June 2016. Each column discusses an aspect of interactive fiction, such as a game, or a few games around a same theme, or an author's work, or interesting tools on the IF scene.

Cara Ellison has written a few pieces on IF works there, both in her S.EXE column and in other features, such as a "Choose Your Own Interview" of Anna Anthropy [1] and another one featuring Adam Cadre, Andrew Plotkin and Emily Short [2].

Porpentine held a weekly column on RPS between November 2012 and May 2014 named Live Free Play Hard, in which she discussed a number of freeware games that caught her eye every week, including lots of interactive fiction works.

Konstantinos Dimopoulos has discussed a number of interactive fiction games in his Freeware Garden column.

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