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Gerald “Jerry” Marshall Moore, known in the community by his pen name Shay Addams, was a computer journalist and author.

His monthly publication QuestBusters ("The Adventurer's Newsletter") ran from 1984 to 1996. Gerald ended up producing a series of solution books including the Quest for Clues for Origin, Questbusters-branded titles and guides for specific games such as King's Quest and Ultima. He contributed to many magazines at the time including Compute!, Ahoy!, Family Computing, Info, MacWorld, Commodore Magazine and Popular Computing.

In later years he wrote for publications such as High Times, SELF, Stone Age and Playboy. Gerald also wrote many non-fiction books and in his later years he specialised in travel writing about Guatemala and Mexico, Lake Atitlan and Mayan astrology.

Gerald died in December 2023.

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