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ShuffleComp: Disc 2
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ShuffleComp: Disc 2 Announcement

Neil is engineering this year's [2015's] ShuffleComp, an event created and originally spun by Sam Kabo Ashwell last year. ShuffleComp is designed for experienced and novice interactive fiction authors to write a work inspired by music that other IF enthusiasts enjoy. After March 15, you can send Neil songs that you would like to be made into games. On April 3, he will shuffle all the songs together and create new playlists that will be distributed to entrants, who then write a game inspired by at least one of the songs on the list. Pseudonyms can be submitted along with the songs. Authors, if they choose, can pick one to use as their byline. These works will be released in May, and anyone can play and vote for those that they were in tune with. The top 30% of games in sync with the voters will be deemed commended.

All the details of this year's event are available at the ShuffleComp: Disc 2 webpage, Neil can be contacted at neil.butters (@

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Song Submission

  • Anyone wanting to Participate can submit songs and pseudonyms. The submission window is March 16 to April 2, midnight PST. Send submissions to Neil Butters (neil.butters (
  • Participants who want to write a game (entrants) submit an A-side and an optional B-side playlist, each with up to eight songs. B-side songs will be used to fill A-side playlists that don't have eight songs.
  • Participants who don't want to write a game can also send up to eight songs. The songs will only be used to fill entrant playlists after all entrant B-sides have been used.
  • Submissions should make clear whether or not you intend to write a game. List your song selections in the format artist-song-url of song or video. Entrants should list A-side songs before B-sides, and label each set of songs appropriately. If sides aren't specified, the organizer will take the first set of eight or fewer songs as the A-side.
  • Participants can submit revisions to their playlists up until the submission deadline.
  • Submissions can include a list of pseudonyms for entrants to choose from. The number of pseudonyms you send cannot exceed the number of songs you send. These pseudonyms will be shuffled up and sent to entrants with their playlist. These pseudonyms should not be the names or handles of existing game authors.
  • Each A-side and B-side can have at most two of the same artist, at most two songs that appeared on playlists sent out to authors for last year's ShuffleComp, and no songs that were made into games in the previous year's competition. However, song covers are allowed; different artists can interpret the same song differently. Eight versions of the same song by different artists is okay, but it's discouraged
  • All the songs must be in their complete form and available to hear for free in a browser on a public website accessed via a static URL without requiring any signup or registration.
  • Ineligible songs will be replaced with either songs from the respective B-side, another entrants B-side, or, lastly, from non-entrant playlists.
  • Songs can have adult themes and language, but you don't know who will be listening to them, so use some common sense. The organizer would appreciate it if you flag any questionable songs in your submission, and any of those songs appearing in a shuffled playlist will be similarly marked.
  • If you do not want entrants to know which songs you submitted, mention that you want your songs to be anonymous. On the shuffled playlists, they will be attributed to "a mysterious stranger."


  • March 1, 2015 - Formal announcement. Everything you need to know about this year's ShuffleComp, hopefully available on a website.
  • March 16 - song submission window opens. Entrants can submit their playlists, which is your intent to enter the competition, and those who want to provide inspiration without making a game of their own can submit their playlist as well.
  • April 2 - submission window closes Midnight PST
  • April 3 or 4 - authors receive their shuffled playlists
  • April 25 - midnight PST authors send the organizer a version of the game that can be played to the end.
  • April 26 - testing period begins. Test your game, either yourself or, preferably, with testers.
  • May 5 - midnight PST, deadline for final version of the games.
  • May 6 - start playing the games and voting.
  • May 26 - playing/judging period ends.
  • May 27 - commended entries and any other awards announced.


17 games were released on May 7, 2015.

Commended entries:

Other entries: