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Sierra On-Line was one of the pioneering developers of graphical adventure games. For a ten year period covering roughly 1985 to 1995, they were one of the top companies releasing games in this medium. Their King's Quest (1984) is often cited along with Zork as one of the archetypal/prototypical adventure games.

Sierra's games focused on graphics, and though they were direct descendants of text adventures (and still included text parsers for command input as late as 1990's Quest For Glory II) Sierra only released a single text-only game, 1981's Softporn Adventure.

Some of Sierra's famous series were Space Quest (Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy), Police Quest (Jim Walls), Quest For Glory (Corey Cole and Lori Ann Cole), and Leisure Suit Larry (Al Lowe).

By the late 1990s, Sierra's focus had shifted along with the rest of the industry away from adventure games. Though the brand still survives today as Sierra Entertainment, none of the original game designers or stylistic elements of their earlier games remain.