Single Choice Jam

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Single Choice Jam
Part of series Jams hosted by the Neo-Interactives
Organisers manonamora, Autumn Chen, Sophia de Augustine, Lapin Lunaire
Event dates
Submissions begin 15 Jul 2023
Submissions due 19 Aug 2023
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The Single Choice Jam is an unranked jam organised by the Neo-Interactives group.

It is a short unranked jam where you have only one restriction: entrants can give players only one choice or action in the whole game.

Constraints and Rules

  • There should only be One Choice in the entire entry - only one page in the game may have multiple options to choose from.
    • Other links between passages are allowed, as long as there is only one link on each page (with the exception of the page that has the One Choice).
      • Non-story passages like Title Pages and Side Menu (settings, codex, etc...) are not restricted by this rule.
    • Parser-like games are allowed only one room with more than one action. Any other room can only have one action.
      • Movement (NSEW), inspections (X/LOOK AT), etc.. all count as one action; HELP and WALKTHROUGH do not.
  • The Jam is open to any program/medium, as long as the piece can be considered Interactive Fiction (i.e. the game is interactive, and its focus is on the text).
  • The Jam is open to any language.
  • The Jam is open to NSFW content, as long as you indicate it in your submission.
  • Entrants can submit up to 3 entries!