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The Neo-Interactives is an IF online community group set on Discord, which organises monthly IF game jams. It was created by manonamora, Autumn Chen, Sophia de Augustine, and Lapin Lunaire. The community is meant to be a hub for exchanging information and ideas about interactive fiction jams, as well as cultivating experimentation with the medium.

Each jam is based on a different restriction, whether it is mechanical, word count limitation, or themes. Many are inspired by or based on previous IF events (e.g. Twiny Jam, Naked Twine Jam, ShuffleComp). The length of the jam alternates between a full month and 10-ish days.

In May 2023, manonamora and Autumn Chen announced the reboot of the Twiny Jam, with the Neo-Twiny Jam, loosening the restrictions to welcome non-Twine games. With Sophia de Augustine and Lapin Lunaire, the group officially consolidated in July for the Single Choice Jam, with the formation of the Neo-Interactives Discord server.

In February 2024, the Neo-Interactives webring went live, connecting the websites of authors and members of the community.