Super Blow

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Porn / Erotica
Porn / Erotica
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2006 AIF Mini-comp
7th place of 8

How It Begins

Missy is the player character. She is wearing a bra, cami, jeans, and panties. The main room of her apartment has a sofa, tv, table, kitchenette, and window.

Missy invited her college jock boyfriend Moby (real name: Richard) to watch the Super Bowl at her apartment while her roommate Sarah's away. Unfortunately, Moby brought along his scruffy friend Buddy. Missy wants to spend some quality time with Moby, so she needs a way to get rid of Buddy.

Notable Features

  • Game is told in third person present, e.g.: instead of being told that you are in your apartment, you're told that Missy is in her apartment.


Competition Version

  • Super Blow (Herrdu; 07-Apr-2006; Z-code).
    • Release 1 / Inform v6.30 / Platypus release 4+
    • Note: There is a readme file called super.txt.
    • AIF Minicomp 2006: 7th place overall of 8 games. Also ranked 5th in the Technical category, and 7th in each of Concept/Writing, Characters, Hotness, and Enjoyment.