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This template will be replacing Template:I7doc, since the Inform 7 documentation changed too much from our basic assumptions. We can no longer search by page title since the current documentation uses the same title "Inform - Manuals" for every page. Searching by section and subsection number has also proved to not work too well. So it seems we'll have to search by subsection name.

Unhappily, this will be a bit less easy to use than a normal template: the search term will need to be specified twice. The first version of the search term must replace spaces with + signs so the search will work. The second version of the search term is what's displayed as the wikilink text. For example:

{{i7man|Plural+assertions|Plural assertions}}

This will ask Google to look for that exact phrase within the inform7.com domain. And hopefully find the documentation page that we're looking for.