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Creator: {{{creator}}} Maintainer: {{{maintainer}}}
Original release date: {{{origdate}}} Last release date: {{{lastdate}}}
Latest version: {{{version}}} Current status: {{{status}}}
Language: {{{language}}} License: {{{license}}}
Source machine: {{{from}}} Target machine: {{{to}}}
Codebase: {{{codebase}}} Code language: {{{codelang}}}
Source machine compliance. Does it support...
Author's colors? {{{authcolor}}} Author's fonts? {{{authfont}}}
Character sets? {{{authchar}}} Unicode? {{{unicode}}}
Font styles? {{{fontstyles}}}
Graphics? {{{graphics}}} If yes, which formats?
Sound/Music? {{{sound}}} If yes, which formats?
Layering? {{{layering}}} If yes, in what ways?
Back compatibility? {{{backcomp}}} If no, explain further.
Can the user...
Set colors? {{{usercolor}}} Set fonts? {{{userfont}}}
Set other options? {{{useropts}}} If yes, what?
Set macros or hotkeys? {{{macros}}} Save configuration? {{{savecfg}}}
Select and copy text? {{{copy}}} Paste text? {{{paste}}}
View scrollback? {{{scrollback}}} Make transcripts? {{{transcript}}}
Record commands? {{{record}}} Replay commands? {{{replay}}}
Move the window? {{{move}}} Resize the window? {{{resize}}}
Turn music on/off? {{{togglemusic}}} Turn sounds on/off? {{{togglesound}}}
Play in full-screen mode? {{{fullmode}}} Use command-line options? {{{cmdline}}}
Decide the install drive/directory? {{{terploc}}} Decide the save drive/directory/filenames? {{{saveloc}}}
Homepage: {{{homepage}}} IF Archive: {{{ifarchive}}}

This is a template in progress. Please do not use -- yet.