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Okay, we're gonna try something new in this space. I'd like to encourage more creation of new articles, and expansion of existing articles.

For starters, how about more articles about Infocom or Zork? Shouldn't we have articles on West of House, Border Zone, Flood Control Dam No.3, the featureless white cubes, and the Encyclopedia Frobozzica by now? The article on the mainframe Zork (game) aka Dungeon needs more info, too.

How about articles on games like Once and Future, Losing Your Grip, The Battle of Walcot Keep, Olvido Mortal, and Chicken and Egg?

What does TADS 3 mean by a mix-in class? What does Inform 7 mean by a kind? Anything to say about clothing or keys in IF? More suggestions to come...

This was a feature article in May-July 2008.