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Ian S. Brown, also known as The Traveller in Black, was a British text adventure author and reviewer in the 1980s and 1990s.

His early work included the humourous games Bog of Brit and The Menagerie for the ZX Spectrum, which he initially published on his own Stormbringer Software label.

Disappointed by the response to those games and wanting to write with a more serious tone, Ian chose to use the pseudonym The Traveller in Black for his later work.

The resulting, critically accalimed Phoenix series consisted of four titles: Phoenix, The Violator of Voodoo, Aztec Assault, and Celtic Carnage. They were meticulously researched, historical adventures incoporating mystical and fantastical elements. You played as the titular Phoenix, the traveller in black, journeying to different time periods in order to fight the evil Abomination and his hoards of insane minions.

Ian was also one of the core team of reviewers for From Beyond fanzine.