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From Beyond was a British text adventure fanzine from the 1990s focussing on games for the ZX Spectrum. It was created and edited by Tim Kemp and was released every two months.

The A5 fanzine generally spanned 52 pages and the use of DTP software gave it a consistent, clear and professional layout.

A particular feature of From Beyond was its neatly presented pages of maps and the magazine's lengthy, in-depth review section. Originally all the reviews were by Tim himself but later on he recruited a small team of reviewers to help; including June Rowe, Ian S. Brown and Terry Taylor.

From Beyond took over the stewardship of the Spectrum PD library, originally set up by Gordon Inglis of GI Games.

From Beyond ran for a total of 19 issues. A third-party attempt to resurrect the publication never got off the ground.