The Twelve Heads of St. John the Baptist/Spoilers

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WARNING: This page contains spoilers for The Twelve Heads of St. John the Baptist (Jake Wildstrom; 2007; Z-code).


To determine which head is the true head of St. John the Baptist, you need three clues which are randomly determined for a play session:

  1. look up john in volume:
    • "be clothed in the gold he denied himself in life" (gold)
    • "not be sullied with base gold" (no gold)
  2. examine sheet:
    • "...the skull of St. John..."
    • "...the mummified head of St. John..."
  3. show custard to chef:
    • "By the empty eyes of le Baptiste!" (no eyes)
    • "By the crimson eyes of le Baptiste!" (red eyes)
    • "By the verdant eyes of le Baptiste!" (green eyes)

Table of Heads

The head from... gold used? any skin? eye color?
England gold skull no eyes
Turkey gold skull red (rubies)
Greece gold skull green (malachites)
Hungary gold mummified no eyes
Italy gold mummified red (garnets)
Russia gold mummified green (emeralds)
Zimbabwe no gold skull no eyes
France no gold skull red (carbuncles)
China no gold skull green (jades)
Israel no gold mummified no eyes
Spain no gold mummified red (garnets)
Germany no gold mummified green (agates)