Third-person game

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A graphical game in which the player-character has a name, a background, and a history in the game world, and for whom the game has some particular physical skills and training in the use of objects programmed in for the player to command, and who is presented as a figurine moving about on the screen in the game world. The figurine has programmed animated moves that show him or her interacting with objects and non-player characters.

From the start of graphics on the personal computer, adventure games have often been third-person ones. The series King's Quest, Space Quest, Broken Sword, and Monkey Island are some examples. But by the time high-resolution graphics came into existence, development was put into other types of games. Nevertheless, The Longest Journey is a recent example of a third-person game with modern graphics.

Other types of games, for example, the Tomb Raider series, use player-characters in the third-person. These games often have physical puzzles, and can be judged either to be action-adventure games or mere action games.

Compare with first-person game and second-person game.