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Carlos 'Uto' Sánchez is a Spanish programmer, authoring system developer, and text adventure author. His work is very influential in the Spanish and English retro text adventure scenes.

Uto is the creator of the NMP and the ngPAWS adventure systems and the co-creator (with Julio Sangrador) of Superglús.

He has developed a whole host of tools for the DAAD adventure system, such as MALUVA and the DAAD Reborn Compiler. Many of these tools have been bundled into the DAAD Ready suite of programs; which gives authors an easy way of creating DAAD text adventures for multiple platforms that can incorporate advanced tech features such as text & graphics streaming from disc.

Author Credits

  • Isla, Amante Natural (1999; with David 'Kambre' Moreno & Francisco Javier Peinado; NMP).
  • McArra's Quest (demonstration adventure) (2005; ngPAWS, NMP, Superglus).
  • Colditz (2010).
  • La luz que vino del cielo.

Tech Credits

  • NMP A DOS text adventure engine, from the early 1990s.
  • Superglús A mid-2000s text adventure engine that creates Glulx games.
  • ngPAWS A system for creating browser compatible games, originally created in the early 2010s.
  • DAAD Ready A suite of programs that allows the easy generation of DAAD adventures.
  • PCDAAD An improved DAAD interpreter for DOS.
  • MALUVA A DAAD extension that adds features such as raster graphics & additional text loading.
  • DAAD Reborn Compiler A replacement, improved compiler for DAAD.
  • PAWS2DAAD A tool to assist in porting Quill and PAW games to DAAD.
  • UNDAAD A DAAD game database extractor.
  • UNPAWS (with Jose Luis Cebrian and Alexander Katz) - A Quill and PAW game database extractor.
  • EAAD - An easy-to-use, DAAD code editor.


  • ngpaws.com Uto's official site with links to all his projects as well as many of his articles on Spanish text adventures.