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ZAPF is an assembler for the Z-machine written by Tara McGrew. It runs under .NET on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

It is an attempt at reconstructing Infocom's ZAP. Thus, by default, it uses instruction names and syntax that will be unfamiliar to Inform programmers.

; "Hello World" for ZAPF (V3)

GLOBAL::                        ; labels that must be defined
OBJECT::                        ;   even though this simple demo
WORDS::                         ;   doesn't use them
IMPURE::                        ; end of dynamic memory
VOCAB:: .BYTE 0,4,0,0           ; minimal dictionary
ENDLOD::                        ; end of low memory

        .FUNCT GO
START::                         ; entry point
        PRINTI "Hello, world!"
        QUIT                    ; game over once it returns

        .END                    ; end of input


  • Supports both classic (Infocom) and modern (Inform) instruction names and syntax.
  • Supports Z-machine version 3 at present, with versions 4-8 planned for future updates. However, there is already the document of version 3-8.