ZIL Text Adventure Game Competition 2019

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ZIL Text Adventure Game Competition 2019
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Organiser: Adam Sommerfield


Simple Rules:

Deadline for submission is May 30th (just under 3 months at time of posting)

You MUST code your game in ZIL code and use ZILF to compile it

You MUST submit both your z* game AND the *.zil files used to make it

By submitting the *.zil code files you agree to them being made available to the community for learning purposes

Submissions are made via email to HappyMacXL@gmail.com

To clarify; you can have as many rooms as you like (the original one room game format was removed by joint agreement with the community)

Your game will be judged by none other than David Lebling of Infocom!

(Information from the ZIL Facebook Page)