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ADRIFT Annual Comp 2002
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The Adrift Annual Competition was a new competition for new ADRIFT games. The organizer was Ken Franklin. The submission deadline was midday GMT Sunday 8 April 2002, and it was expected that voting would be completed by midday GMT Sunday 29 April 2002.

However, this competition was cancelled, and authors were invited to submit their games to Bryan's ADRIFT Competition instead (which, as it happens, was also cancelled).


  1. There is no limit on the number of objects, rooms or characters. The only limit is that when zipped the complete package can be no more than 400k.
  2. Sound or graphics are allowed, provided they can be accomplished within the overall filesize limit.
  3. All entries must be accompanied by a walkthrough, which can be a simple transcript from the runner. This must give the text that will allow a player to complete the game, from beginning to end, following the details given.
  4. Overall filesize limit of 400k once in zipped form. The original ALR file does not need to be included as it can be exported for examination. This limit applies to the size of the submitted file and which should be sent as a single .ZIP file. Some limit is needed to protect my webspace.
  5. Games must not be passworded.
  6. Naturally enough the games should be a completely original work.
  7. Only one entry will be accepted from each contributor.
  8. Entries should not be discussed until after the closing date for judging. This does not stop you using betatesters.
  9. Contributors may also be judges, but must not judge their own entries.


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