Ken Franklin

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Note: Ken uses the nicknames KF or KFAdrift on the ADRIFT Forums. On the ifMUD, Ken uses the nickname kenf.

Involved with the ADRIFT community since August 2000, Ken Franklin has been an enthusiatic contributor, but a failed game author. In 2002 Campbell Wild asked him to become a moderator of the new version of the ADRIFT Forum, a role he has carried out since.

Originally had a website KF Adrift on the Web that included a great deal of ADRIFT content, though now it is a broader site of his interests. The ADRIFT content is now much reduced, and the more important information is on the InsideADRIFT site.

Author Credits

Organizational Credits

Game Appearances

  • ADRIFT-O-Rama (Mystery; 2003; ADRIFT 4). One of the mini-golf holes is called "KF's Hole" which features chocolate wielding teddy bears running amuck.
  • ADRIFTMAS Party (Mystery; 2002; ADRIFT 4). KF, as an NPC, is one of the guests at the party.