ADRIFT One Room Comp 2004

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ADRIFT One Room Comp 2004
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Also known as DavidW's One Room Comp, this was a competition for one-room games written in the ADRIFT authoring system. The organizer was David Whyld. According to InsideADRIFT issue 13, entries were due on 14-Feb-2004, and judging would end by 21-Feb-2004.

Unfortunately, this competition was cancelled. According to InsideADRIFT issue 14, there was a dispute on the ADRIFT Forums over what exactly was meant by "one room", although David Whyld did clarify the restriction with this definition:

The game has to be take place in one room which is defined as one room in the Generator (i.e. no clever use of tasks to make one room appear to be many. No making your character a fly (or something similar) who can enter objects like boxes, cups, etc, as extra rooms.) Other rooms can exist in the Generator but the player is not allowed to enter these rooms.

Because this competition was cancelled, it is not documented on the Shadow Vault site. However there were two games known to have been written for it. Those games are: