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Note: David Whyld is the most prolific ADRIFT author. At the time of this edit (November 2008), he has 58 games released so far. David's nickname on the ADRIFT Forums used to be davidw.

Author Credits

Review and Article Credits

Organizational Credits

  • Fourth editor of the InsideADRIFT newsletter, beginning with issue 29 in May 2006 and ending with issue 35 in May 2007.

Testing Credits

Game Appearances

  • ADRIFT-O-Rama (Mystery; 2003; ADRIFT 4). One of the mini-golf holes is called "David W.'s Hole" which features two sarcastic old men (Stapler and Waldork) sitting on a balcony while a chicken paces back and forth.
  • ADRIFTMAS Party (Mystery; 2002; ADRIFT 4). davidw, as an NPC, is one of the guests at the party.

Other Credits


  • Shadow Vault - David's website which contains an almost complete listing of Adrift games for download, as well as many walkthroughs and reviews.
  • David Whyld (archived) - at Baf's Guide.
  • David Whyld - profile page at textadventures.co.uk (Quest).