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Inside Erin: the AIF Newsletter is a monthly online newsletter that reports on topics of interest to the AIF community. This can include results of AIF competitions (such as The Erins and the annual mini-comps), reviews of adult interactive fiction games, interviews with AIF authors, and announcements about new or changed AIF websites. It used to be called "Sextra-Curricular Activities", but the name was changed in August, 2005.

CAUTION: The AIF Newsletter contains content of a sexual nature. If you think that you might be offended by discussion of games with sexual content, you are advised not to visit the site.

Editor: Markaedw (February 2005-April 2005) A. Ninny (May 2005-January 2008); Purple Dragon (February 2008-)
Current Staff Members: A. Bomire, A. Ninny, BBBen, Bitterfrost, Knight Errant, Fellatrix_uk ('trix).