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  • Bottle. Often found in restaurants and the cellars of old mansions. Wine bottles are the most common. A corkscrew might be needed to get at the contents.
  • Can. Generally holds beer. SHAKING a can might make it explode.
  • Drinking glass. These turn up in social settings, especially just before or just after a murder.
  • Barrel. Found in cellars and warehouses and on ships. Might require a tool to open. Probably can't be carried about, but might be rolled between rooms.

Possible uses

  • Alcohol readily catches fire and can be burned as a fuel.
  • It cleans and sterilizes things.
  • Alcoholic drink dulls pain and relaxes the muscles. It might make a crude anaesthetic, or help the PC take less damage from physical trauma.
  • Alcohol has a dehydrating effect. Something to throw at a slime-covered monster.
  • Social drinks can be adulterated with drugs/poison/potions to affect an NPC. The easiest way is to slip something into a glass while the NPC isn't looking, but tampering with bottles is also a possibility.
  • Spirits (particularly brandy) are a traditional means of reviving people who've been half-drowned or half-frozen.
  • Excessive consumption might render an NPC unconscious.
  • Alcohol lowers social inhibitions, enabling a character to do something they would not otherwise do.
  • Quality drink makes a good gift or bribe for an NPC. A really fine vintage might qualify as a treasure.
  • Drink might be part of a recipe.
  • A bottle of wine makes an effective blunt instrument. It can also cut things if broken.
  • White cloth might be dyed with wine.
  • An emptied bottle can become a container for other liquids or can be resealed with a message inside. Corks make impromptu fishing floats or bungs.
  • As heavy objects that can be rolled, barrels might figure in a seesaw-and-weight puzzle.
  • An emptied barrel might be enterable, depending on its size. Being packed in a barrel could enable the PC to sneak in (or out) of a location. A barrel will also float if sealed.
  • The PC might have to show familiarity with social customs involving drink. Help could come in the form of observing NPCs or consulting a manual of etiquette.
  • You can get drunk. I know of one game in which you have to be drunk in order to pass through a doorway.