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The concept behind this category is to create an adventurer's handbook, where the player may look up a topic such as "monkeys", "mirrors", or "money" and get tips on the typical sorts of puzzles and game handling associated with that topic. These pages should not spoil any particular game by name, but only outline the possiblities, discuss what's been done before, and suggest strategies and possible solutions.

Authors might also benefit from these pages by anticipating which verbs the player might try with respect to a particular object and test that those verbs are handled correctly, and (more generally) getting an idea of what behaviours a player might reasonably expect of said object. Also, where possible, links to code examples and library extensions should be provided, so that authors aren't "reinventing the wheel".

This generic game help is not necessarily limited to objects. Some pages may be about locations (e.g.; Hell, pawn shop, or elevator).

Some suggested topics to add: acids, axe, bone, boots, bottle, brick, bucket, cabinet, cat, chair, chasm, cow, crucifix, desk, dog, egg, feather, flashlight, flower, keyring, gloves, ivy, hedge, horse, house, ladder, match, monkey, oil, painting, pepper, pumpkin, ring, saloon, safe, sink, table, tree, wallpaper, wastebasket, watch, well.