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Author Credits

  • Mr Seguin's Goat This game was written for The Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2023.
  • Parlez-lui d'amour This game is the translation in French and redesign of the text adventure game Talk to Him About Love.
  • Over here! This game was written for The Next Adventure Jam of june 2020.
  • Talk to him about love This game was written for the Adventuron CaveJam of September 2019.

Games WalkThroughs

Ported game

  • La caverne des Morlocks by François Coulon to Z-code.
  • La mort bleue by Eric Forgeot to Z-code.
  • Magic mirror by Mike Taylor to Z-code from Pyhton port.
  • Celui qui voulait décrocher les étoiles by Benjamin Roux to Inform 6 Library 6.12 and zQuill.
  • Local call for death and Two heads of the coin by Robert Lafore to Purebasic.

La caverne des Morlocks at IFDB.
Magic mirror homepage.

Tech Credits