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Developer Mathbrush
Format Glulx
Interaction style
System Browser
System details
Latest version 1 / 9 Dec 2023
Status Beta
Uses interpreter Quixe
Multimedia support This interpreter supports color effects and css styling, as well as hyperlinks.
Notes Note that this interpreter cannot simply be downloaded and run to play game files.
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Bisquixe is a JavaScript user interface library for IF, developed by Brian Rushton. It integrates with Inform 7.


Bisquixe was released in 2023 along with the extension Simple Multimedia Effects. The name was chosen "Because it's fast and easy and not quite as good as a carefully crafted product."


The Bisquixe interpreter for Inform allows the author to use the following tools in games:

  • Hyperlinks to a command;
  • Hiding commands from the screen;
  • Assigning arbitrary classes to elements on the screen;
  • Arbitrary CSS modifications

The Bisquixe interpreter acts as an augmented version of Quixe, and uses GLK to transmit the CSS changes to the webpage. The commands are triggered by special Inform code written in the Simple Multimedia Effects extension for Inform 7.

Games created using Bisquixe

See Category:Bisquixe works.


Online presence

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