Camp Windy Lake

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Porn / Erotica
Porn / Erotica
Camp Windy Lake
Camp Windy Lake small cover.png
Author(s) Christopher Cole
Publisher(s) n/a
Release date(s) 19-Jun-2002
Authoring system ADRIFT 3.9
Platform(s) ADRIFT 3.9
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
Color effects none
Graphics none
Sound/Music none
Cruelty scale Cruelty to be determined

How It Begins

Welcome to Camp Windy Lake. You are a sixteen year old boy enjoying your last summer at camp. Camp Windy Lake is divided into two areas; one for the younger kids, aged 8-13/14, the other for the older kids aged 14/15-16. It is the middle of the summer and you are one of the most popular kids here (and not just with the other kids, but with the counselors as well). You've been good so far, but figure it's time to try your luck with the girls. In particular you want to see if you can get lucky with Barb, the main female counselor. Your friends think you're nuts; they say there's no way Barb will do anything with you (even though she flirts with you a lot).

Notable Features


Version 1.2

Version 1.3

  • Camp Windy Lake (Christopher Cole; 2005; ADRIFT 3.9).
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There is also cover art available at the author's site: front and back.


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Version 1.4

  • Camp Windy Lake (Christopher Cole; 24-May-2009; ADRIFT 3.9).
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Camp Windy Lake series
by Christopher Cole
Camp Windy Lake (2002)
Camp Windy Lake: Part 2 (2003)