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Games in this category are quite new and entered in a competition which is currently in its judging or voting stage. Editing these pages is still permitted, but discouraged. By avoiding editing during this period, we try not to give any particular game an advantage over another, and editors are advised to avoid breaking any rule about public discussion (assuming the competition in question has such a rule).

Some information is permissable to edit, of course. It is perfectly okay to, for example, say who wrote the game, the authoring system used, all the version information, where to download it, and which competition the game was entered in. Genres should also be okay. In the interests of fairness, though, we should avoid adding in details in the How It Begins, Notable Features, Trivia and Comments, and Authors Comments sections, as well as the Cruelty section of the infobox. Please and thank you.

Once the competition's voting period is over, the in-comp template should be removed and full editing can take place again, including by the authors of their own games. If the comp in question has stricter guidelines on posting reviews, these should be followed instead, with full editing disallowed in any situation where posting of public reviews would be disallowed.

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