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An event for which a number of games are written to a certain set of requirements, and then released as a group to the community. Frequently, but not mandatorily, reviews will be solicited or pre-arranged for the games; the quality of the games will be ranked by a group of judges; and prizes will be awarded.

The longest-running, most-popular competition is the The Annual Interactive Fiction Competition. This has been held since 1995 by the readers of the Usenet group For fans of the old Infocom games, as well as for newcomers to the genre, the competition is a chance to enjoy some of the most highly ranked, short adventure games available.

Other competitions worth noting include the ChickenComp, the LOTECH Comp, the IF Art Show, the ADRIFT Competitions and the Spring Thing. Small, themed competitions are also referred to as minicomps. A similar endeavor was Emily Short's Walkthrough Competition, which did not require a complete game.

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