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There is a Swedish IF Community, even though it's not very active. It's based on a Facebook group called Textäventyr. There is also a web page (Svenska Äventyrsklubben) which isn't actively maintained.

The first known text adventure in Swedish was Stuga, which was first released in a mainframe version in 1978. This may also be the very first text adventure in a language other than English. Several years later, a version for MS-DOS called Stugan was created, and mainly due to heavy piracy, Stugan was soon to be found on just about every PC in the country. To this day, it remains the most well-known Swedish text adventure.

There were a number (about 100, it seems) of games in Swedish released in the eighties, and a few in the nineties. In 2003, Fredrik Ramsberg released the first version of Swedish Inform, and a few Swedish games have been produced using Inform since then.



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