History of Interactive Fiction in Swedish

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There is a Swedish IF Community, even though it's not very active. It's based on a mailing list (Svenska Äventyrsklubben) and to some extent a web page (Svenska Äventyrsklubben). There's also a mailing list specifically for people interested in writing games in Swedish (Skriva Textäventyr).

The first known text adventure in Swedish was Stugan, which was first released in a mainframe version in 1978. Several years later, it was ported to MS-DOS, and mainly due to heavy piracy, Stugan was soon to be found on just about every PC in the country. To this day, it remains the most well-known Swedish text adventure.

There were a number (less than 50, I estimate) of games in Swedish released in the eighties, and a few in the nineties. In 2003, I released the first version of Swedish Inform, and a few Swedish games have been produced using Inform since then. I for one wish for a bigger and more lively community, where we'd be able to hold competitions, have a chance to find collaborators, perhaps arrange some meetings etc. -- Fredrik Ramsberg 12 May 2005.

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