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Creaturecomp.gif   A minicomp run by David Fisher. The deadline was Friday the 22nd of September 2006.

Entries appeared on the Creature Comp download page at that time.


The main focus of the game must be some kind of creature. For example:

  • The PC is some kind of creature (as in "Ralf" (dog), "A Day For Soft Food" (cat), etc)
  • A creature (or creatures) must be trapped and captured by the PC
  • The PC has crashed in a remote location and there is Something Out There

The exact definition of "creature" is up to the author's interpretation, but a normal human being obviously doesn't count. Fairies and elves are also right out ...

Other Requirements

Games can be any length, but 1 hour or less is recommended. Games should not have been previously released.

Submission Guidelines

Send entries to, with "CreatureComp" somewhere in the subject line. Please include a one-sentence description of the game, an estimate of the play time and a walkthrough if possible. Feel free to submit source code as well if desired.


The judging period will be from the 23rd to 29th of September.

No prizes at this time, though a donation of a creature suitable for first prize will be gratefully received.